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Conveyor Vitus

Conveyor Vitus


Flexibility in a tunnel
proinfidem's Vitus offers a complete and flexible tunnel system capable of expanding – from 12 to 40 metres – with your business. Vitus helps speed up your work to keep your clients coming back. All with proinfidem quality guaranteed.

Water recycling
An energy-saving and ecological design – with a dual circuit device for recycling water.

Affordability, quality, modularity
Low operating costs, quality washing and drying cycles that convey and position the vehicle in total safety, extreme modularity that allows a variety of configurations to meet your demands for space, use, and investment, including a complete range of accessories, a sturdy, hot-galvanized steel structure.

Extremely safety
Intelligent self-diagnostic and self-learning software, for a safer and more efficient management of all washing and drying cycles and reduction of down time, reliability and performance, as the large quantity of units installed worldwide testifies.


Entry Section:
  • Entry arch with vehicle positioning traffic lights on both vertical columns
  • Vehicles towing system
  • designed for best reliability, safety and speed
  • contact of the vehicle rim wheels with the walls of the runway is avoided, thank to the special conformation of the conveyor frame
  • thank to the open upper side of the towing chain guide, it is possible to wash with the utmost safety even low body sport cars
  • the conveyor frame includes modules of different length: 3 meter, 1,5 meter, and 0,75 meter
Pre-Treatment (option):
  • Pre wash is carried out to prepare the vehicle for the following main wash, avoiding that mud and dirt particles attached to the body are removed directly by the brushes, damaging the painted surfaces.
  • Pre wash cleaner arch: contour following, contour fixed
  • High pressure rinsing arch: contour following, contour fixed
Optional washing groups:
  • This section includes several brush groups, drying groups and products application systems, to complete and improve the washing process.
  • Wheel wash
  • Short side brushes including 2 vertical half-height brushes, each one driven by a 0,75 kW motorgear, fitted to articulated arms in order to follow and clean the vehicle sides
  • Fixed or contour following pre wash cleaner arch
  • Contour following high pressure
  • Side wash
  • Additional stationary top brush
  • Additional top dryer
  • Coloured foam
  • Underchassis wash two water pipes, with nozzles, are embedded at floor level and fed through an high capacity water pump
Five-Brushes washing group:
  • This is the main operating group in the washing process
  • Several brush systems are available, in order to adapt the washing unit to the specific requirements of the site and to the required hourly throughput capacity
  • Stationary top brush
  • Stationary 4-brushes group (Hercules Standard version)
  • Translating 4-brushes groups, available in following configurations (Hercules High Capacity version)
  • pairs of translating brushes
  • 1 pair of translating brushes + 2 independent translating brushes
  • 4 independent translating brushes
Drying Section:
Several drying groups are available, in order to adapt the washing unit to specific requirements. The problem of noise level was closely examined during the developing phase. Some effective technical solutions have been adopted in order to reduce sound emissions and, at the same time, to guarantee very good drying results.
  • Standard drying unit
  • the group includes two fixed side fans, each 7,5 kW, and one contour following top drying nozzle
  • an additional contour following top dryer is available as an option
  • Additional top dryer
  • the group includes two drying blowers fitted to the contour following top nozzle and is normally used to equip standard washing tunnels. The top nozzle is directional in order to optimize the drying effect on rear part of the vehicle
  • two high capacity fans, each 11 kW
  • the blower nozzle has power of 7,5 kW
  • an additional contour following top dryer is available as an option
  • Illuminated arch
  • Wax application arch
  • Super wax application arch
  • Felt curtain between washing and drying section
Exit Section:
The vehicle is pushed by the conveyor chain out of the tunnel and passes through a final arch with the same design of the one installed at the tunnel entry side. The green lamp of the traffic light system, positioned at some distance from the tunnel exit, switches on when the vehicle is released from the pulling chain and can be safely driven away.
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