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Conveyor MAGS

Conveyor Mags


Great performance in small spaces
With Mags, proinfidem presents a system with extremely limited overall dimensions (just over 9 metres of structure in its smallest configuration) and excellent productivity. Complete, reliable, and innovative. High-quality construction, balanced price-quality ratio, low operating costs, energy savings and low environmental impact: these are just some of the other strong points of a system that plays an important role in the proinfidem product range, guaranteeing quick return on your investment.


Entry Section:
  • Designed for best reliability, safety and speed
  • Contact of the vehicle rim wheels with the walls of the runway is avoided, thank to the special conformation of the conveyor frame
  • Thank to the open upper side of the towing chain guide, it is possible to wash with the utmost safety even low body sport cars
  • The conveyor frame includes modules of different length: 3 meter, 1,5 meter, and 0,75 meter
Pre-Treatment (option):
  • Pre wash is carried out to prepare the vehicle for the following main wash, avoiding that mud and dirt particles attached to the body are removed directly by the brushes, damaging the painted surfaces
  • Fixed pre wash cleaner arch
  • Fixed high pressure rinsing arch
Optional washing groups:
  • This section includes drying groups and products application systems, to complete and improve the washing process
  • Wheel wash
  • Super wax application arch
Five-Brushes washing group:
  • The main cleaning phase in the washing process is carried out in this section. The top brush of the group is controlled by a vectorial system and works with outstanding accuracy; the results can be compared to the wash quality achieved by high level gantry type units.
  • The side wash groups include:
    • One pair of short side brushes completing the washing action of the vehicles lowers parts
    • One pair of translating brushes that follow the vehicle with a linear travel of up to 2,1 meter during the washing phase

Drying section
The problem of noise level was closely examined during the developing phase. Some effective technical solutions have been adopted in order to reduce sound emissions and, at the same time, to guarantee very good drying results. MINIMAX is equipped with the Air Plus drying system, a largely adopted solution in the latest proinfidem units, which outstanding feature is the displacement of large air volumes.This solution assures a very high drying capacity, very low sound levels, simple operation and easy maintenance of the system

Exit section
The vehicle is pulled by the conveyor chain out of the tunnel, passing through an exit arch which design is similar to the one of the entry arch. The green lamp of the traffic light system, positioned at some distance from the tunnel exit, switches on when the vehicle is released from the pulling chain and can be safely driven away.

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